Spiritual Bypassing - what is it?

Today I want to discuss something I find a really interesting phenomenon in society at present. Its called Spiritual Bypassing and its gaining a lot of traction especially in the West, non surprisingly.

Spiritual Bypassing is a term first coined by psychologist John Welwood in 1984. It is the use of spiritual practices and beliefs to avoid dealing with our painful feelings, unresolved wounds, and developmental needs. It is much more common than we might think and, in fact, is so pervasive as to go largely unnoticed, except in its more obvious extremes.

So how do you know if you or a close one is doing this and why is it something that is wonderful to explore?

Well firstly it stunts real growth in the soul, it limits and disables you from reaching a more truthful and present space.

In turn it will bring you to a place where your relationships will be a reflection of that and so too your life. Spiritual Bypassing takes the form of extreme detatchment, extreme positivity- which leads to an untruth of the actual situation. Anger phobia - refusing to acknowledge and feel anger which is detrimental to the body let alone the mind. Overly tolerant compassion or 'non-judgment' - its OKAY to have boundaries in fact its a sign of great health. People who spiritual bypass often experience delusions of being of a level of high spirituality when having never done any real work of depth on themselves. Refusal of the shadow self - acknowledging your shadow self is imperative to growth and guess what EVERYONE HAS ONE.

Sadly the issue with Spiritual Bypassing is it pulls the human soul into a place of falsity, if I can compare it to something I would say its like the matrix. You are plugged in to a false world and way of being. Its comfortable for most people so I am of the belief 'hey enjoy!' its no ones position to move someone from anywhere they choose to be. However if you notice that this article talks to you and you can notice some of yourself in the sentences above? Then make a mental note and just move deeper into just recognising your emotions and judgements and when they come up instead of glossing them with a veneer of 'joy and positivity' accept them for what they are and slowly slowly that will bring you closer to a core truth of who you are. The deep joy of being truly who you are shines from someones face, its the 'makeover' for the soul. Joy emanates from someone but joy also doesn't tolerate dishonesty. Its very much in the same arena of what the wonderful Brene Brown talks about when she discusses Vulnerability. Spiritual Bypassing would stifle and blow out the candle of vulnerability. It disconnects, quite simply.


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