The Holiday Period

I know many people who find the Holiday Season quite taxing on their sense of wellness. This can take many forms, drinking too much, spending time around family members whom you do not get along well with, eating too much rubbish, not being able to fit your exercise in, not doing any mindfulness and the list goes on. For lots of people this period of the year spins out of control and before they know it they are stuck in a rather helpless space. I think what is really important to remember here is we all have moments. Yep everyone. And it does not mean all your hard work or self-care is thrown out of the window. It means you've had a moment in time when things have not been as self supporting as you perhaps could have been and thats okay. It happens. Pick yourself up dust yourself off and start attending to your needs. Try not drinking for a few days, take a liver supplement and stay away from red meat and alcohol for 3-4 days that alone will help you feel more clear headed. Go for a swim in the ocean, take a moment to meditate. Find some 'in' back to your habitual routine that nourishes and supports your mental health and wellness.

Its super easy to get carried away during this time of year and it is not a huge deal if you do. What is a big deal is when people shame themselves for it, because shame spirals and that is where the danger lies.

So if you hear that little voice that criticises or berates you for having indulged perhaps a little too much just take a huge breath smile inwardly and tell that voice that overreacting is never a way to peace or harmony.

See a space in the next couple of weeks where you can gently ease back into doing healthy, nourishing things for yourself and know that moments happen and its no big deal.